So are Playstation too in love with Indies? Well yes in short they most definitely are. They have courted the indie community incredibly we’ll and stolen a huge march on Microsoft. It does beg the question though of why are Sony so obsessed right now with Indie developers?

The cynic in me believes this to be the answer. Sony and Sony worldwide studios are way behind on where they wanted to be with their first party titles. Evidently true looking at how successful in comparison the PS3 was to the Xbox 360 on the lead up to the next gen launch. Many of Sonys first party studios were pushing great titles out The Last of us, Gran Turismo 6, Tearaway, Beyond. It stands to reason this has ate up a lot of development time that could have driven some launch year titles for the PS4.


So this is why indies have became the golden nugget in the playstation 4 plan. They have the potential to fill a gap before we start to see great first party titles creep out of Sony worldwide studios doors. Coupled with the turmoil and surely unforeseen or expected restructuring that has gone on behind the scenes in these studios, Sony needs indies and likewise the indies kinda need Sony.

However I believe this reliance has started to become too much. Nearly every day Sony are waxing lyrical about a new title coming to the Ps4 and yes it’s another Indie. The main titles for PSPlus on the PS4 have been indies. It’s a big step down from getting titles such as Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, XCOM, Tomb Raider amongst others. Titles such as mercenary Kings really don’t cut the mustard in my eyes and gamers will soon turn on this proposition if they don’t get their bigger expectations met. A simple twitter search will tell you all you need to know about gamers opinions on the latest indie to hit the instant collection. If Fez had been this months game I think the blow would have been substantially less.

It doesn’t look like this trend is going to weaken anytime soon either playstation access posted a video on their YouTube sight echoing that point their 100+ lineup of games guide pretty much was all indie. Despite Microsofts struggles with the ID@Xbox program at least they have had a strong array of games from first parties to call on and some handy exclusives to the platform. With Phil Spencer at their helm I’m sure their indie courting will improve and thus help support their game offering further. For me the PS4 is starting to show some chinks in its armour and with supply currently outstripping demand they are getting away with it. For how long though is anyone’s guess. So gamers is the PS4 turning out to be the console you wanted when you spent your £350? >