All trophies acquired. Hats off!
Hunter’s Essence
Acquire all hunter weapons.
Hunter’s Craft
Acquire all special hunter tools.
Weapon Master
Acquire a weapon of the highest level.
Blood Gem Master
Acquire an extremely precious blood gem.
Rune Master
Acquire an extremely precious Caryll Rune.
Blood Gem Contact
Acquire a blood gem that imbues hunter weapons with special strength.
Rune Contact
Acquire a Caryll Rune that endows hunters with special strength.
Chalice of Pthumeru
Acquire the Chalice of Pthumeru that seals the catacombs that form a web deep below Yharnam.
Secret Trophies
Yharnam Sunrise
You lived through the hunt, and saw another day.
Honoring Wishes
Captivated by the Moon Presence, you pledge to watch over the Hunter’s Dream.
Childhood’s Beginning
You became an infant Great One, lifting humanity into its next childhood.
Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Defeat Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth.
Gain entry to Cainhurst, the lost and ruined castle.
The Choir
Gain entry to the realm of the Choir, the high stratum of the Healing Church.
The Source of the Dream
Discover the abandoned old workshop, the source of the Hunter’s Dream.
Nightmare Lecture Building
Gain entry into the Byrgenwerth lecture building, that drifts within the realm of nightmare.
Father Gascoigne
Defeat the beast that once was Father Gascoigne.
Vicar Amelia
Defeat the beast that once was Vicar Amelia.
Shadow of Yharnam
Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam.
Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Defeat Great One: Rom, the Vacuous Spider.
The One Reborn
Defeat the One Reborn.
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
Defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.
Mergo’s Wet Nurse
Defeat Great One: Mergo’s Wet Nurse.
Cleric Beast
Defeat Cleric Beast.
Blood-starved Beast
Defeat Blood-starved Beast.
The Witch of Hemwick
Defeat the Witch of Hemwick.
Darkbeast Paarl
Defeat Darkbeast Paarl.
Defeat Great One: Amygdala.
Martyr Logarius
Defeat Martyr Logarius.
Celestial Emissary
Defeat Great One: Celestial Emissary.
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Defeat Great One: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.
Chalice of Ailing Loran
Acquire the Chalice of Ailing Loran that seals the tragic land lost to the sands.
Chalice of Isz
Acquire the Great Chalice of Isz that seals the home of the cosmic kin.


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