5 Months thats roughly how long we have to keep ourselves occupied for until the next generation of consoles and games are finally unleashed!

If you are like us then you are probably wondering what am I going to do until then? One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is trade in your Xbox 360 now or infact ever! Theres still lots to look forward to over the next 5 months so here is our run down on the top 5 things to keep us busy until launch:

scblacklistwalkingdead400 batman-arkham-origins-game GTA-V-Heists FIFA-14-Gameplay

1) Splinter Cell Blacklist  – August 23rd

Ok just under 2 months away! Its the biggest instalment to date and looks to be one of the best of this generation. Its old school Splinter coupled with new features and thriving CO-OP! See the latest trailer from E3 here:

2) Walking Dead 400 Days — Sumer 2013

A standalone episode to keep our Zombie hunting needs fresh this is unrelated to the first season of 5 episodes with all new characters and story lines which will help build a foundation for what Telltale has in store for us in Season 2. Check out the trailer!

3) GTA V — September 17th

You probably haven’t even finished Splinter Cell by this point but hey you will find the time to start this epic instalment of the GTA series. Follow three new characters as they embark on a world of crime with bank robberies Helicopter shootings and all things water! The world at sea is as large as the one on land! Its going to be huge I only hope you have got your preorder down already its will be a long Q on launch day as 3 million copies are expected to be sold within the first 24 hours!

4) FIFA 14 — September 27th

Ok you maybe have this on preorder for your Xbox One but for those achievement hunters out there this will surely be picked up before the ignite version. Promising redefined gameplay and all new ball physics (sure we hear this every year). With EA partnering with Microsoft for next gen dont be surprised to see some exclusive content come our way for current gen too!

5) Batman Origins — October 2013

Whoop! the bat is back and it is not being made by Rocksteady but aint looking anything different to what rocksteady would do so its good news alround and hey heres hoping Rocksteady are working on a Next Gen title anyway! Setup as a prequel to first two instalments of the Arkham game series this looks to bring back a rough and rookie batman to Gotham. With some new game mechanics and the fight mechanic we know and love this will be a brilliant game and should cover those few weeks left until the Xbox one is released!

So there you have it folks our top 5 and we didn’t even get around to mentioning Saints Row 4! So there is plenty still to keep us busy and get the gamerscore up before we smash into a next gen era.

Let us know your thoughts on what you believe will occupy your time until the Xbox One is out and pick your favourite on the poll below.