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Darksiders 2 confirmed for PS4


The rumours don’t always turn out to be true but when an Amazon listing rears its head it normally means it could be. The image below has sparked fan intrigue with a placeholder date and no box art image for Darksiders 2 being listed for Playstation 4.


IGN reached out to Nordic Games and they responded with the following statement “”the authenticity of [the Amazon] listing is unquestionable.”

So looks like thats official confirmation and Darksiders 2 becomes the latest in a long list of remasters making its way to current gen platforms. No word yet on whether this is also arriving on Xbox One. We will update as we find out more.

source IGN.com

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  1. Darksiders has always intrigued me, but never quite enough to part with actual currency. Doubt a PS4 release will loosen my wallet.

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