Driveclub’s online functionality is currently facing a downtime of around 8 hours today to deploy a major server update. In recent weeks the game has been performing far better than at its original launch and many have been praising its revival.

However one thing that still leaves a sour taste in many Playstation owners throats is that the much promised PS Plus edition still hasn’t arrived. Recently the release was put on an indefinite hold as developers did not feel the servers could deal with the mass volume of Driveclub traffic a PS Plus edition would bring. This new “major” server update just may be the ticket and first step towards seeing the title make its Playstation Plus appearance. Will it make it for May 2015?

In a statement Evolution studios stated the following:

“We are rolling out major updates to the DRIVECLUB servers today to improve performance and stability for all aspects of online play.

“The servers will be unavailable from 11am BST while this happens and the work is expected to take up to 8hrs. You can still play the game offline during this time.

“Apologies for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your patience while we continue working to improve the game.”