Dying Light gets its second major DLC drop with the Ultimate Survivor Bundle on March 10th.

The DLC will come as part of the Season pass however if you don’t have the season pass it will set you back £3.99.

Ultimate Survivor Bundle comes with blueprints for four new weapons: the Constable, the Night Club, Lacerator, and Buzz Killer. Three new character outfits are also included: the Ninja, Urban Explorer, and Special Agent.

Accompanying that DLC drop is a new mode for Dying Light players called Hard Mode. Why would you want to make life more difficult for youself in a Zombie infested world I dont know but here it is as part of Update 1.4 . A new tier will also be added to weapon rarity levels, plus improvements to the game’s performance, gameplay balance, online functions, visual fidelity and the addition of more character outfits and new weapons.

certainly looks like a busy day on March 10th.