More Evove news folks and this time we are sharing with you upcoming evolve DLC news in particular the new monster Behemoth who is crazy fun!

The new DLC arrives on March 31st and is free to those who preordered the game or will £14.99 for those that haven’t. The DLC also includes some new hunters again these are free with the season pass or can be purchased for £5 odd individually. 

The below video reveals the Behemoth’s useful roll, rock wall, and tongue grab, as well as the hunter’s varied skills and weapons – including the medic’s leech gun and the assault’s weak-spot creating shrapnel grenade. The video contains useful if not staged commentary filled with plenty of tips on how to best play as either the monster or one of the hunters.

Even if you don’t own the DLC you’ll still get to see the beasts in action as DLC owners won’t be placed in DLC only lobbies which is a wise move by Turtle Rock Studios. Observer mode and two new maps are free to everyone on March 31. The maps hit Xbox One first on that date, and the other platforms get them on April 30.

Check the 6 minute video below: