Forza has a proud racing game history and has sported some of the biggest names in car manufacturing and racing so you can forgive players for being a tad excited for a DLC mash up with the biggest Driving film franchise in recent memory Fast & FuriousSo does this racer hit the mark or does it deliver another film video game tie in to forget?

Firstly this is what you need to know if you didn’t already. The game is completely stand alone you don’t need Forza Horizon 2 to play this game. The game showcases and allows players to get behind the wheel of many of the cars featured in the film franchise and upcoming film release. The game is based in the open world of Horizon Festival however for this game you are limited to the city of Nice and some surrounding areas.


The game starts of with some video clips of Fast & Furious cars and scantly clad women which help instil the idea of this being a Fast & Furious game and not a Forza one. Next comes some voice acting from a member of the main film cast. This sets the premise for what lies ahead and your task becomes much clearer. You need to acquire 10 cars each a featured car from the film franchise. You do this through a variety of race types, players familiar with Forza Horizon wont find anything new here. Each car requires you to complete around 2 race events so your getting around 20 prescribed races in this DLC plus the option of playing some more post the main campaign.

If you have had Forza Horizon on the shelf for some time or been looking for an excuse to jump back in this DLC is a perfect reason to. It delivers everything great about Forza in a bite size chunk. Weather, open world, rivals, reward boards and even barn finds are all here for players to enjoy. It is the perfect showcase for the full game and make no mistake this is clearly what Playground games want. This isn’t necessarily a negative as Forza Horizon 2 is probably in my eyes one of the best racing games available and certainly the best racing game on the Xbox One.

During the games missions you are greeted with a series of voice overs by Ludacris who plays Tej in the films. The voice overs aren’t anything special and soon you’ll be fed up hearing them as they become repetitive real fast lines such as “Sweet ride but choose another” add little to no value and feel forced in plays rather than required to help the player navigate the game. During the game the voice overs and car choices are the only things that give any indication its a Fast & Furious DLC tie in. In many instances this just feels like a Forza game. I was hoping for missions and more showcases than races to help feel like these were bespoke designed events that catered to the Furious story sadly I got neither. The closest you get to this is the hack the GPS voice over and a showcase run that sees you outrun a cargo plane, its ok but for returning players this is repetition of events in the main game with a different paint job.


This game struggles to deliver a fast & furious experience but thankfully its built on a Forza engine that still delivers the thrills and fun even if the makeshift story and voice-overs cannot. A new soundtrack has also been added in which blends a series of new tunes and base game favourites. However this comes in sample size there’s no radio voice over like in the full main game and you only get the one radio station to choose from which doesn’t boast the largest number of tracks so expect to hear several tracks over again thankfully with hits from Royal Blood that aint too painful. In other areas the sound still delivers that racing experience with weather and car sounds that are fantastic and what fans come to expect from the franchise. The new DLC cars also handle and sound great get your hands on that initial car and hear it roar.

The game does boast its very own achievement list and for achievement hunters out there its a very easy 1000G to aim for. It took me over 2 hours to complete the game and by that point I had gained the full compliment of achievements. The list is pretty uninspiring but it will see veteran players return to the game and see it through. Its just a pity some of your performance and stats cant carry over to the full version of Forza Horizon 2 or vice versa. This would have helped the score multiplier have much more value in this stand alone title. The score multiplier is used but other than trying to get those additional achievements it offers no reward in game like the full title and cars and stats gained here wont be reflected in your other racers. The Forza Horizon Hub is showcased here and helps promote the Forza echo system a little further. A free car is rewarded for players who utilise the app. Its a great way of showcasing this feature and the rewards it brings to loyal Forza players.


However this game is a clear marketing demo stunt that only really delivers on one side and that is Forza Horizons, thankfully the gameplay is solid and great fun and hopefully will encourage many if they haven’t already to pick up the full title. The DLC is currently available for free and reverts to full price soon which will then set you back £7.99. If your eagle eyed then I’d wave paying anything here and source a copy of Forza Horizon 2 for £25. The game did little to reverse my views on this being anything more than a demo when at the end it offered me three purchase options! A typical demo stunt and one that told the player there’s nothing more to see here unless you buy the full different game. That may be true but the world is still there to explore and races are there for you to progress through but the world outside the missions is small so I cant see you spending much time around Nice.


Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious – Review
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Movie Game tie ins rarely come of and in this instance a new style of tie almost worked however if this game tried less to sell another and focused on delivering a great Fast & Furious experience in the Forza world with unique events it would have been a hit. Get when Free avoid this overpriced DLC thereafter.
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