There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Goat Queen 30
Become the Queen of Goat Ville
Alexander Goatstafsson 15
Win the title bout!
What is its purpose? 30
Thrash the Goathenge
Angel Goat 15
Do no evil
Boulder of Death 15
Hit the party with the Boulder of Death
Demogoat 30
Have 10 gas canisters explode at the same time
Devil Goat 30
We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell
LOEK master 30
Find the Sanctum 2 Walker Statue
Pedestrian 15
Find the Sanctum 1 Walker Statue
Goats ‘n’ Stuff 15
Hold your own concert
Rymdskepp i Rymden 100
Travel to space!
A story about my goat 15
I’m sorry about my goat
Disgusting 15
Why did you step in that? Yuck
Ling Ling into battle go 15
Fight the turtle (1)
Dodge This 15
Make sure the Hillbilly never drives again
Mile High Club 90
Lick the Hanging Glider
Goat of the hill 15
Everything the light touches is your kingdom
A Story about my elevator 30
Get up on the skyscraper without using the elevator
Mattress Madness 30
Bounce 100 times on mattresses within 30 seconds
Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3? 30
Sacrifice the 3 Sanctum items
Around the World in 5 Jumps 30
Visit 5 trampolines in one jump, bouncing on each trampoline once
Try Hard 30
Find all the trophies in Goat Ville!
Tony Goat 30
Finish all manual quests
The Flapmaster 30
Score 10 points in Flappy Goat
Valkyrie 30
Go on the catapult with a rider on your back
One Ball 90
Ride a bike for 60 sec
Builder Goat 90
Find all the blocks
Is that a goat? 30
Lick the rollercoaster with 6 batteries attached
Hat Simulator 30
Buy all hats
I freaking love goats 30
Find all collectibles on level 2