With Goat Simulator getting a release date of April for Xbox One and Xbox 360 you may have been thinking why all the buzz?

Well despite its strong PC fan base for the wacky indie title we believe that this title is being primed for an announcement for next months games with Gold offering on Xbox. Microsoft have already stated they will be offering more than usual with next months lineup and Goat Simulator could be a big carrot to dangle in front of Xbox players.

The rather uneventful announcement trailer also looks like the Redmond giant are trying to get as much focus on it as possible before pulling the trigger on a Games with Gold announcement. This would also support the fact that a solid release date hasn’t yet been given and a vague April one is being used.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 are expected to get one additional title each in April. What would you like to see added to the games with Gold lineup in April 2015?