A little over a year ago a game swept the PC scene and damaged every PC rig it could get its hands on or should we say its four hoofs and tongue on. Goat Simulator quickly turned into a modern hit and it wasn’t long before clamors were made to get this over to consoles. Afterall its sold goat loads on PC and mobile and who wouldn’t want to ride a bike as a goat or put a jet pack on a goat? Can this title get the same following on Xbox Ones current gen machine and keep the BAAS going? Honestly the puns end here.

Expect many twitch streams and Xbox Uploads to fill your activity feeds over the next week.

Goat Simulator is developed from a mistake in essence from Swedish developer coffee stain studios and is essentially a physics sandbox. You find yourself controlling a goat and what you do from there is pretty much up to your imagination. Perhaps mistake is a bit harsh but its clear that this game is a wonderful mistake to make and the developers have built something that is hard to score in the typical gaming sense of story, progression, sounds etc as this game delivers big on one area and thats sheer enjoyment.


How that enjoyment comes to be is entirely up to you and how you choose to roam around the playgrounds made available to you. One thing is certain you’re not a nice goat! Your an evil horned being and your one true skill is pretty much terrorising others or blowing shit up. Quite how this goat came to be so obsessed and tormented to carry out such acts is never explained and theres no story here to fill in the gaps or give you any sort of direction to chase. Goat Simulator is the sort of game where you make up your own story and as we have already seen with the PC it will surely spawn a host of youtube videos. I couldn’t help but press record that nearly every five minutes the game just throws up the unexpected at every turn from entering space to gripping a hand glider with the tongue of your goat. Its these amazingly humourous moments that make Goat Simulator a joy to play. Expect many twitch streams and Xbox Uploads to fill your activity feeds over the next week.


With the games leap over to Xbox the developers have tried to implement some console like features. For starters we have Xbox Achievements included and a full 1000G to aim for. The game had achievements on steam also however on the console this will probably help gamers have an aim or sense of purpose when they load up the game. The game will point players in a brief direction with set tasks but these are the same and they do reset with every playthrough. I liked the idea and it did get me to get to grips with some of the basic controls but the inability for the game to recognise what basic maneuvers I had already accomplished in prior games was poor especially when you have to reset the game due to a glitch that sees you stuck or ragdolling into oblivion.

Also included is the ability to have multiple Goats. Yes multiple goats its invite a friend time! Perfect for couch co-op and great for laugh out loud moments you can connect up to four controllers and each have a crack with some split screen action. The game mode doesn’t change any its just you and four mates creating chaos and this offers bags of fun. Looking past the glitches which are still ever present in this port is the way to enjoy the game. Its clearly not meant to be a polished title if it was then its charm would be lost. The visuals are average and do the job but I still cant help but feel that there are visual elements in this game that just weren’t made for Goat Simulator in the first place and would probably look more at home in Octodad. Not a problem just gives you a reason to smash everything up in shops or my personal favourite headbutt the guy sitting atop of the crane in one of the two playable areas.


In a game that is so clearly not polished its amazing that Goat Simulator manages to keep you amused enough to overlook the serious game breaking issues it has from being a physics simulator. Hell there’s even a warning when you load the game at the main menu that this thing will break. Thankfully the developer has a great sense of humour and you should to and look past these issues and focus your anger and critique more so on the lacklustre menu music. Sounds in the areas are well interesting if not repetitive they will add a little chuckle to your playthroughs and im sure even more moments for you all to capture.

Theres hours of fun on Goat Simulator to be had from equipping various Mutators to your goat such as jetpacks or Ripped Goat. These add new dimensions to your method of exploring and exploring is something you should definitely do.  Both areas are littered with multiple secrets and some can even get you into space or into the sewers its up to you to find them and we love this element as it keeps us coming back for more.

Goat Simulator – Review
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If you want a game this will give you hours of playtime with plenty of fun moments you can share with or without friends on a couch then Goat Simulator is a must add to your Xbox collection.

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