With Microsoft’s plans to bring PC gaming to XBox and Xbox to PC gaming as a more entwined ecosystem questions have been circling around whether or not HALO the Master Chief Collection will end up on PC.

The question was posed to Phil Spencer the head of Xbox and his response was interesting.

“It’s a good question. I want—well, through the streaming, obviously people will be able to play on their PCs in their home. And bringing more and more of the right genres to PC, I think is clearly in our future. But we don’t have anything with Master Chief…I think it’s sacrilege to talk about doing anything with Master Chief now other than making the experience better on Xbox One.”

Although this response is not a denial or a confirmation it is clear that Microsoft sees streaming as the future and we can likely look forward to many more games heading to Windows 10. We know Minecraft, Fable & Halo 5 will support streaming but standalone ports will be a big move for many of the Xbox Giants exclusive titles.