#IDARB is the latest title available via Xbox Ones Games with Gold collection. That in its self should be enough of a reason for you to already have picked this up and discovered its magic. However if you haven’t decided a free game is a good enough reason to hit the download button then let us provide you a little review to help you make that move.

We got our hands on #IDARB in late 2014, the title is all about scoring goals in your oponents half. The premise is the ball lands in the centre of the arena and you make your way as fast as you can jump onto platforms and aim for the goal of your opponent. In a nutshell it sounds a bit bland perhaps a bit easy however dont be fooled IDARB will challenge you as its pace is relentless!


IDARB’s pace of gameplay is what makes this game super competitive. In your first few games you will most likely be trying to figure out why you cant jump through that platform but you can on others, a tedious step maybe avoided if a tutorial was available for new players. For us the learn as you play was as much frustrating as it was rewarding. Scoring your first goal is a great feeling and wondering how you did it is the aftermath.

The controls are basic much like the visual appeal, where left stick controls the player and right stick aims at goal your only other concern is how do I get the ball of my opponent and for that you half two options. Press right trigger to force the ball out of your opponents hand  (this will likely result in the ball flying all over the screen) or from above your opponent press A and down on the left stick to stun your opponent sending them into an uncontrollable frenzy for a few seconds.  One thing is for sure the controls do take a bit of mastering in order to time those jumps, blocks, tackles and Alley oops.


#IDARB offers a range of play options from single player to local multiplayer with 8 players. whatever group you are in locally is what mode you can tackle online. So for example if you and 3 others formed a team of 4 you can tackle 4v4 matches online however if it was just the two of you and you wanted to take part in 4V4 there is no matchmaking options to add you into another players team to make up the numbers. Its a weakness for sure when the games fast pace and craziness is best experienced in larger teams.

Each game also lasts four rounds so there is plenty of playability in each match and inbetween rounds there is also the casual mini game to keep the competitiveness going from tug of war to space shooting its an added bit of randomness that adds to the games charm.  When it does get all too much for your opponent the good old rage quitters have not been forgotten. If an opponent of yours quits during your match as they cant cope with your abundance of skills you get a nice big screen shouting out that it was a rage quit. its a nice touch.

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The best feature of IDARB is the external factors that can influence your game, if you let it. A simple switch of the settings will allow you to allow others either via Twitter or Twitch to make an impact on your game either supporting you to victory with love or ruining it with hashtag bombs the choice is theirs. The games in built support and integration of twitch and twiiter handle functionality is a brilliant step of breaking down the fourth wall in entertainment.


Included in the title are further options to enhance your ongoing experience and showcase some individuality to your play. IDARB is filled with creation options from creating your own pixelated player to their own song and team logo.  The options are simple to follow and the you will soon find yourself hooked to its charms even if you aren’t the greatest music maverick! For those less creatively inclined or simply lacking the time IDARB has some import functionality where utilising the Kinect on the Xbox One. yes we said Kinect! You can scan shared QR codes of your friends creations whether it be songs or their latest team additions. The internet is flooded with these so if you want to pinch the best a quick Google or Twitter search will have you covered.  With the characters being in pixel art there are some real gems available from the cast of Super Time force to Halo or Worms there is plenty of choice.


IDARB’S use of Kinect is excellent and was a genuine reason for plugging it back in. There is also achievements for importing ex amounts of characters. Its simple yet not intrusive use is something other developers should be looking at as its definelty a benefit of having a Kinect for such features in games.