Konami loves to keep its metal gear solid fans waiting and thoughts of fans dreaming of a 2015 eelease for upcoming title MGS:Phantom pain in some quarters were seen as absurd.

Hideo Kojima’s latest installment has not been given a hard release date but overnight many retailers have switched placeholder dates to a more intriguing Feb 24th release date for 2015.

That is incredibly soon and at this stage should be taken lightly until the magicians at Konami speak. Could we really be seeing this title in just two months time?

If we are then this is an incredible way for 2015 to get of to a flyer. Hideo Kojima is no stranger to straying from the unconventional methods illustrated by P.T revealed during 2014’s E3. P.T ofcourse turned out to be none other than the announcement for next gen silent hills! Least we also forget that phantom pain itself was first announced as a non metal gear solid game under a studio called “moby dick studios”. So theres precident here for this all pointing to something concrete.
In December we got our first glimpse of metal gear solids multiplayer which looked fantastic. There was plenty presence with Kiefer Sutherland presenting awards at the Game Awards in Las Vegas and Hideo again showing up during Playstation Experience. These point towarss some tactical PR and marketing. It would make sense that konami focus on revealing more on the multiplayer mode for the final push ahead of release and no more story reveales until the titles release in order to keep it fresh for the players upon release.

With two months notice of a release is this enough notice to our high at retail friends to deliver enough pre orders at a typically quiet time of year or are Konami banking on the IP’s strong brand to carry it? One things for sure if this is confirmed fans will be scrambling to get their hands on a pre order. It will also be interesring to see if any collectors editions are revealed.

Only time will tell. We will update you as soon as Konami confirm.