Every now and then a weird game comes across our desk, one which through every known convention tells us don’t touch. However with Kitty Powers Matchmaker from developers magic Notion we have been left a bit shocked and surprised. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think you and it may hit it off if you give it a try. Here is our review of Kitty Powers Matchmaker.



Before sitting down to play this game I thought to myself who is this game really for? Surely not for someone who is obsessed with Tinder? Just who is this game for. Then it hit me. My wife is the ideal market for this game. Yep she’s the individual that will pull the ladder away from your Sims swimming pool or do everything in her power to set the oddest couple up in any Bioware game. So what better way to test this game out than to put it in her hands. Whats the worst that can happen?

Well after around 15-20 hours of playtime its safe to say my wife was hooked, the game is a matchmaking Simulator so in its most basic form it delivers a really addictive gameplay loop that you can easily sink hours into. What it delivers however is the surprise that this is a really good puzzle game.

Its not as simple as matching jocks with hipsters or geeks with nerds its about really understanding what makes each character tick and using that to your advantage.

The gameplay is simple to get to grips with, you run a dating agency and of course with that comes a steady stream of clients you need to find love for. Well thats the intention but not everything turns out as happily ever after. Your client needs to be matched against a range of potential candidates and in the early stages the game does a good job at hand holding you just enough to get the idea. Once you’ve matched a date you then take them to a restaurant of your choosing. Big props here to the developers for keeping the quirky love theme going with some very dodgy themed and names locations to take those unsuspecting dates to. So how do you win over your date?

This is where the game really shines and offers a rather impressive set of mini games that tests you as the player on your ability to spot differences, act fast or make the right choices. Its not the same as real life but it sets up some rather hilarious scenarios to pit your wits against. The mini games vary by location so theres enough variety in each to keep the game feeling fresh for a good length of time.

Theres even more unexpected depth to the game when it comes to the post dating scenarios. Will your dates live happily ever after of only make it through a few dates or will they marry and have children? All this and more is explained and communicated to you throughout your playtime.


In terms of appearance the game as a charming cartoon like art style that caters well to the play style and gameplay and it runs really well. We reviewed on Playstation 4 however we don’t for see any reason why there would be performance issues on any other platform after all this is effectively a port from mobile. This is essentially for me the games biggest drawback, theres a huge price difference for mobile and console and I’m not sure the game will really gain a market on console as its market naturally will be on mobile with a game of this format.

That being said for those that pick up Kitty Powers Matchmaker can look forward to a fun addictive and rewarding puzzle dating game that is far more challenging that its loving looks will have you believe.