May 2014 is going to be nothing short of amazing for Playstation owners. There is so much new content you will probably forget that there’s E3 just around the corner. It’s a great tactic employed by Sony to get the goodwill flowing before E3. Amongst the releases of titles and contents we share below you can also expect a ton of news regarding E3, more Destiny details and potential beta dates (expected to be revealed at E3) Driveclub looks set to finally reveal a release date and new gameplay footage.

So let’s have a look at what titles are coming our way from April 30th to May 30th. Believe it or not this list is not everything but we reckon these are the highlights to prepare yourself for.

As always Playstation plus refreshes its lineup and for May it is seen by many as an improvement on last months titles. So here is what you can expect to pick up for Free as part of Playstation Plus May offering. These titles should become available in your instant collection from April 30th.


PS4 – Stick it to the Man
PS3 – Puppeteer
PS3 – Payday 2
PSVITA – Everybody’s Golf
PSVITA – Muramasa rebirth

April 30th – Child of Light – PS4

May 2nd – The amazing Spider-Man 2 video game – PS4
May 2nd – Daylight

May 6th (NA, EU TBC) – Borderlands 2 – PSVITA
May 9th – The God of War Collection – PSVITA
May 7th – Outlast Whistleblower DLC – PS4
May 7th – Sportsfriends – PS3, PS4
May 7th – The last of Us Grounded DLC – PS3
May 8th – Call of Duty Ghosts Devestation DLC – PS3, PS4

May 9th – Bound by Flame – PS4
May 16th – Minecraft PS3 edition – PS3
May 20th – Wolfenstein – PS4, PS3

May 21st – Transistor – PS4

May 27th – Watch Dogs – PS4, PS3

Wow still with us? I’m sure you will agree May looks like an incredible month for games on Playstation no matter what device within the Sony family you own.

It’s also worth noting we can probably expect updates and possible episode additions to titles such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2.

So will you be glued to your Playstation device this month or do you still believe we are going through a drought of games? I think the evidence above suggests otherwise.