*Update* Following earlier updates we can now happily confirm this is indeed a fake twitter account and doesn’t elude to any official Microsoft announcement. Here’s hoping we do see something kinda cool at the Microsoft Event next week.


Next week on January 21st Microsoft will reveal more of what they are calling the next chapter in windows.

We already know that Phil Spencer will be in attendance and that Xbox will play a part. Phil stated several times in 2014 that he wanted to bring PC gaming back to Microsoft. Could we be about to see Xbox on PC in a much bigger way?

One thing that is looking pretty sure is that a new game is going to be announced at the event. Yesterday Microsofts Major Nelson tweeted out a smey face to a Twitter account with the handle @pcedf. Little is know about this account as it is brand new has a simple xbox coloured green profile pic and a mysterious banner. Under the profile pic the words “be ready” can be seen.


The more interesting element is the cover photo for the account which appears to be a suit of armour of sorts. Could this be the beloved strategy series getting a reboot? We have enhanced the image a little so you can see it a little clearer.


So what do you make of it? Are we about to see the reveal of a new IP for Xbox next week? It would add to a rather impressive run Microsoft are on having already revealed a meaty halo 5 beta, forza Horizon 6 and confirmation of Tomb Raider being a Microsoft publication. It certainly looks like 2015 is going to be a big year for the Redmond giant.