Destiny creator Bungie has lifted the lid on more gameplay from the upcoming PS4 title Destiny. Scheduled for release on September 9th this year. Bungie have been drip feeding info since last years fantastic E3 reveal.

The new Co-Op trailer showcases 7 minutes of in game PS4 footage as you work your way through The Devils Lair.

Check it out here:

Like it? Love it? Underwhelmed by it? Our first impressions are simple it looks visually stunning and the visual effects from dust to neon burst will have your eyeballs asking for more. The gameplay looks frantic enough and the style is great. Where we are yet to be won over is on the variety of gameplay Destiny will offer. Lets not be hasty though this level may look like something akin to Borderlands in terms of mechanics but Bungie still have loads of time to share with us other elements such as exploring and story lines to keep us hooked.

As you will have seen from the end of the trailer Bungie have stated the game will be playable at E3 this year. There was however no word on when the BETA will be. Our suspicions are that this will be announced at E3 this year and we will hedge our bets that it will take place during Sony’s E3 press conference this June.

Heres to waiting for E3.