Square Enix have announced by way of a website that a new PS4 exclusive title is on its way and will be revealed on the 31st of Jan 2015.


The website which can be accessed via this link – http://www.jp.square-enix.com/msz/ details “Project Code Z”. The site is very simplisitc and not giving much away however there are signs of a fantasy style background.


The website also contains an image that depicts a bird indicating a twitter account by the handle @sqex_msz

2015-01-28 11:13:22 +00001

One thing is for sure Square have a healthy catalogue to pick from if this to be a new game from an existing IP. There is every chance this is a new IP altogether.

Are we about to see the Next installment of Hitman or another JRPG?

I guess we will find out officially soon.