The Journey Begins 20
Complete the Prologue
The Ancient Being 20
Meet the Ancient Being
Get back here! 20
Discover the character in the shadows
Lets be Friends 40
Make an unexpected friend
Rotten Inside 20
Enter the Ginso Tree
Run for your Life 60
Cleanse the Ginso Tree’s Heart
Close call 20
Escape a dangerous situation
Obtaining Clarity 30
Clear the haze from the Misty Woods
Solid Ground 60
Restore the winds of Nibel
Fight to live another day 20
Have a close encounter
Top of the World 40
Climb to the top of Nibel
Into the Fire 20
Enter Mt. Horu
Rekindle 60
Fan the flames
Love 20
A beloved bond
The Journey Ends 100
Complete the game
Life Saver 10
Create 50 Soul Links
Deadly Detonation 10
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously using Charge Flame.
Deadly Deflection 10
Kill 25 enemies using Bash to reflect projectiles
A New Path 10
Break open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame
Choices Choices 10
Use your first ability point
Deadly Dash 10
Kill 5 enemies with Charge Jump
So many secrets 5
Find your first secret
Seasoned Explorer 10
Find 50% of all secrets
No stone unturned 25
Find all secrets
Marking the way 5
Restore your first Map Stone
Halfway There 10
Restore 50% of all Map Stones
World at your feet 25
Restore all Map Stones
Good Eye 10
Find the lost corridor in the Misty Woods
Safe and Sound 20
Save at every Spirit Portal
Master of the Forest 10
Visit 100% of the map
Power Player 15
Collect 200 Energy Shards
Soul Master 15
Earn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree
Utility Master 15
Earn all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree
Combat Master 15
Earn all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree
Phenom 25
Earn all skills in the Ability Tree
Powerhouse 20
Collect all Energy Cells
Master Guardian 20
Collect all Health Cells
Juggle Master 5
Juggle a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground
Bash Master 5
Bash off enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground
Deadly Dodge 5
Trick 5 enemies into killing another enemy
Flying Fury 5
Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground
Self Destruction 5
Cause an enemy to destroy itself
Crushing Blow 5
Crush a Ram with a Stomper
Stomp Master 10
Kill 50 enemies with Stomp
Blast Master 10
Kill 100 enemies with Charge Flame
Flame Master 10
Kill 500 enemies with Spirit Flame
Supersonic 25
Finish the game in under 3 hours
Airborne 10
Double Jump 5 times consecutively without touching the ground
Immortal 25
Complete whole game without dying
Elite 25
Complete the whole game without using an Ability Point

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