GTA V are you still in love with it or leaving it until something sparkly comes along to rekindle it?

Here is our list of what we think Rockstar should do with the greatest game of its series

– Release Online Heists before E3 2014!
– Improve RP payouts on under used missions.
– Provide a clear road map of content to stop any deserters
– Introduce a game type browser so we don’t keep landing in no man lobbies.
– When selecting a new job and being made host ensure lobbies fill up quicker.
– introduce the ability to purchase businesses within San Andreas paying out Cash and RP for venue related missions.
– Allow for greater payouts for Crews.
– Bring it to Next Gen announce at E3
– Next Gen or PC version will allow online stats to carry over.
– introduce new story DLC for each of the 3 protagonists
– Next Gen GTAV will have discount for last gen purchasers.

So there are our 11 requests so Rockstar if your listening we’d really like those please. Ta