That will be one burger, one burger with tomato and one with lettuce and tomato. Yes Chef! Its time to cook and with Overcook on Xbox One you get one of the most fun yet frantic couch coop games to arrive on console in years. Here is our full Overcooked review.



Overcooked as arrived on somewhat of a hype train on its way to consoles this month. Landing on Xbox One and Playstation 4 it follows a much loved arrival on PC. So whats the fuss all about with this little indie title?

Overcooked is a cooking game, now that might immediately put you of but if I was to tell you it is one of the most fun experiences you may have on console this year whilst also being the most tense then you may want to read on. Controlling one of two chefs players are tasked with cooking food to match the orders that come thick and fast. This may sound simple and the premise certainly is but your biggest enemy in this game is time and coordination.


“Don’t play this game if you aint got some sofa surfing buddies.”

Overcooked is designed with multiplayer at its core. I played a good chunk of this on my lonesome but in doing so there is a limitation to home far I can actually get in the campaign mode. Working against a timer attempting to get 1-3 stars per level is a daunting task when your faced with controlling two chefs at the same time! So if you want the most from this game then make sure that you have some real life buddies to join in as there is no online co-op or ability to matchup online.

The online multiplayer seems to be an almost unforgivable omission from this game, knowing how fun this game is when you get to experience it I would have thought that the devs would have got this feedback during development. However in fairness adding in multiplayer is surely no easy feat and would come at significant cost. However, I think if they did the cost would easily be redeemed.

24744317523_e075bd95e6_bTrying to touch on what makes this game so great despite its flaws is really hard to explain in a nutshell. Loading the game up you are greeted with the games cartoon like visuals and it does have a childish style to it. It doesn’t take itself seriously and the presentation is excellent. There is variety in the levels and areas you can cook in and more become available as you progress the campaign from pirate ships to space ships there is plenty outside the kitchen to distract your order making prowess.

Gameplay is king and with Overcooked it certainly is smooth and remarkably addictive. Pushing yourself to manage just one more order had me hooked on a level for ages and with such an approachable set of mechanics grabbing the non gamers in your household to play a part in your cooking adventures is a great aspect.

maxresdefault (1)Where the game falls down in is in its hap hazard story line implementation, its off the wall a bit irrelevant and actually doesn’t need it. Sound is ok nothing to ride home about and teeters on the edge of Benny hill style during key moments. However the developers have done a great job at thinking about how to make this the best couch coop experience it can be with numerous controller configurations you don’t need to worry if your running low on controllers with the ability to split controllers into two halves to enable multiplayer all be it local making this the perfect party game.

Overall Overcooked for me is a charming and addictive cooking game that sets its self apart from other cooking games you may have seen on mobile devices. Its tense and addictive gameplay will challenge your mind but also your friendships as you ride your meal bus around the various enchanting worlds. If you’ve got real friends who pop round often then grab this its perfect for a party however if you’re a solo gamer by choice then this game wont be fully realised in your palms.

This review was undertaken on Xbox One with a supplied review code from Team17.