As rumoured previously Quantum Break has now officially been delayed into 2016. The highly anticipated action adventure game from Remedy the minds behind hits like Max Payne and Alan Wake are never the quickest to release a game however this confirmed delay will come as a blow to gamers.

Sam Lake creative Director stated the following on their blog “[We] want them to know that the team is taking advantage of this opportunity to polish and fine tune the game to create the kind of stand out entertainment experience they’ve come to expect from us.” so it looks like nothing more than additional “Polish” as the reason. The full blog post can be read here.

However dig deeper and assess the Xbox Lineup for this Winter and its clear to see that something had to give with so many titles due to release from the first party lineup alone. Hopefully this is simply a tactical manouver on Microsoft’s part and extends an already excellent lineup into 2016.

We would sure like to see some more Quantum Break though as so far this 16 Min gameplay is pretty much all we have seen so far.