It feels like the dawn of gaming since we have had a great resident evil game to feast our eyes on. Now Capcom are back to doing what they do best, producing a horror game that fits the IP but better yet serves to remind the genre that the daddy of horror games is back and it wants it throne back, here is our Resident Evil 7 review.


From the outset you will notice a complete difference in approach with this instalment in the long running Resident Evil series. Gone is the third person perspective and the tank controls for that matter we all remember from the original game. In its place comes a fresh first person perspective which immerses you even more in the events that unfold across a typical 7-10 hour playthrough.

Now first person is not a new take on the horror genre games have been at this for years but most recently with layers or fear and the more notorious Outlast this approach has really brought the genre to life thanks to the enhanced capability of the current console generation. Resident Evil 7 has certainly taken full advantage of this and delivers a stunning game in terms of graphics and gameplay.


Graphically the game is a knockout for me and I assume many others, powered with HDR technology for those with a compatible TV set you will see even more detail across the darkened corridors and simply disgusting kitchen crockery. It wouldn’t make me hold the game up as the best on PS4 for its visuals but its confined spaces really lend itself to allow the developer to polish up those little details. The details in this game from blood splatter in the bathrooms to marks and etchings on furniture really show what a triple A horror game can look like over its competitors, games such as outlast are terrific but Capcom have really brought a more polished piece to the table.


So does Resident Evil 7 deserve the title of horror game? For the most part yes it definitely does there are some moments that will make you jump but if thats not your thing and you love simply being immersed in the tension then the game will deliver that by the bucket load. In fact theres few jump out moments in the game and in a move more akin to its roots its more about being stealthy, running, hiding and solving puzzles. Theres little option to go all guns blazing and even if you are flush with ammo theres not a swamp full of enemies awaiting your bullets.

Pacing in Resident Evil 7 is fantastic the game never misses a beat and through numerous playthroughs and numerous secrets to uncover you will find plenty of replay value for any revisit. The boss fights prove naturally the most challenging in the game however what works best is the games level design which effectively educates you in memorising the environment, you cant get to any part before you are meant to and the clever use of triggers in the game help push the story onwards.

A story that frankly I’ll quickly forget about, playing as Ethan and searching for your friend Emma is not the most original of horror stories in a scary old house but it does the job well enough to keep you informed and thankfully the story doesn’t drag on or overstay its welcome at any point.


A great mechanic I really enjoyed in the game was the benefits from exploring, theres loads of different little nooks and crannies to get finding, in doing so it typical rewards antique coins which can be used to help improve your character in different ways, I wont spoil where and how but its a better solution to press tart navigate to skills and clicking upgrade. It showed real value and really had me weighing up the choices as I played through. You never know whats round the corner so these choices matter as they are very limited.


Outside of some additional playthroughs Capcom have started delivering a feast of DLC you can enjoy and although short they are really unique an for lovers of any horror genre this is a game you will keep on your shelf rather than sending the trade in pile and if you have a PSVR you can enjoy the game in full however theres patchy graphics if you do. In terms of scare value VR is the way to go but I wouldn’t recommend over the sacrifice it makes to the visuals.



Top marks Capcom you are back with a bang, in one of the most thrilling tense and masterfully designed games of our time I simply cant wait for more of it.

Resident Evil 7 was reviewed on Playstation 4 with a provided disc copy.

Resident Evil 7 is available on PS4, Xbox One & Windows 10 or Steam.