You spin me right round, baby right round, like a Limo baby.


Roundabout is the latest title to hit Xbox Stores growing list of ID@Xbox titles and there’s something immensely fun, creative, charming and all together weird about it.

To place Roundabout in a gaming genre is quite tough. It for one is based in an open world environment and its main premise is a puzzle game. You the player control a limousine that constantly rotates. Its your job to navigate around a sea of objects and get your passenger to their destination across a variety of levels. Revolving limousines are nothing new to the 1970’s based world and you are the one and only world famous Georgio Manos tasked with showing how easy such a task is.


In our playthrough we found No Goblin’s title to take about 2 hours to complete the main campaign. However there is way more to this title than the straight forward A-B missions. The campaign missions involve you picking up a host of characters which are well lets be frank bordering on the insane at points. If you think picking up a Skeleton is sane then good on you and whatever you drink in your morning coffee. Each mission is a simplistic take person from point A and deliver them to point B scenario. At times variety is added in with Jumps, cop cars & destruction derbys to add a little spice and difficulty.

The mission stories are where this game really develops its charm. At the start of each mission a video plays revealing who has entered your taxi from the local priest, soccer coach or Mike the mechanic played by “E” from the Xbox Live team. The acting is terrible and you may feel the need to skip the cutscenes but don’t. We found embracing the wackiness the developers produced as a great way to add fun to your overall experience.


The controls of this title are the games clear USP and despite some initial frustrations we began to find our way with the controls and had heaps of fun to boot. There’s nothing sweeter than spinning your way round a moving fork lift and leaping from one building roof to another. In fact just try and go back to not spinning its pretty tough! Thankfully the game is approachable for those that don’t pick up the controls as easily and to support them Roundabout ensures that missions don’t restart if you hit something once too often. We reckon you can get about 4 hits on your car before your blown up and sent to a nearby checkpoint to start again.

The open world nature of roundabout makes for some great exploration opportunities whether it be collecting one of the numerous packages laid out across the map. These packages can either be money stashes, Horns or properties to buy. The horns help add customisation options to your playthrough allowing the player to add hats and liveries at the expense of some dollars picked up along your journey. There are a wide selection of properties dotted around the map and players can also purchase these however we didn’t see any direct benefit to doing such a task as it provides little reward.


No Goblin has done a great job in adding depth with the collectibles and encouraging the player to return and visit every inch of the map. We would have liked the option to place a waypoint or even a way of seeing it in full. However the bottom left hand corner provided only a mini map.  Adding to the games replayability are the in game challenges where I can secure upgrades and score multipliers to help unlock new cosmetic and player abilities.

In a further move to keep players entertained there are blue star missions across the world. These are challenge scenarios and can range from playing keepy up with a football to time challenges. Whats great about their inclusion is that they offer leaderboards so you can out score your mates. We think this is a great feature and will cater to those competitive types. Not that we attempted to beat the world record of keepy ups which by the way was 48 at the time of our review. We managed erm 12.


Everyone loves a bit of speed running right? Well No Goblin have you covered here also. Outside of the main missions and open world are challenges where you can select and partake in. One of which is one aptly named ESports speedrun where players can play the whole game again minus the cutscenes and aim to beat the record times. We managed 40 odd mins the world record at the time was 15mins!! Thats simply insane! However this feature is brilliant and opens up potential for Roundabout to get new modes and challenges added that we believe players would love.

This title was reviewed on Xbox One. Roundabout is available now on Xbox One via the Games Store on Xbox Live.

No Goblin will be bringing this title to PS4 and PSVita soon.

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