Microsofts Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has released via his Twitter an image of him using the screenshot feature on the Xbox One and how it will look on the UI.


Phil Spencer commented “”Nice to finally be doing this on my Xbox One dev kit,” Spencer on his verified Twitter account with the attached image above, and explained that its UI and activation are still in the console’s debug testing mode.

It appears likely that this feature will be appearing in the March Preview update hopefully due to be released later this month. Screenshots has been one of the most requested features for the Xbox one and remains one of the few features the PS4 has over the Xbox One.

So how do you take a screenshot?

From the image it appears to be in the same form as recording a game clip by tapping the Xbox button twice and selecting Y for screenshot where in comparison X is pressed for game clip. It’s fairly fast however many may have wanted a single button option or a long press rather than effectively 3 button presses.