It sounds like 2K has a major announcement lined up for E3 2015, but will it be the long rumoured Mafia 3 or something new entirely?

2K’s parents company Take Two Interactive revealed that 2K is to announce the triple-A project “soon”, with a release date before 31 March 2016 in view. What’s sooner than the biggest gaming convention of the year? Besides, the company has already said it will have a “significant presence” at this year’s E3.

We last reported on Mafia 3 being a thing that exists back in January following a slew of leaks and rumours from people close to the studio and ex-Mafia voice actors.

A Louisiana based Mafia 3 isn’t the only thing we could see announced though. 2K’s new studio, Hanger 13, has been hard at work on what it calls an “intense action game set in an immersive world” for some time now and we are still yet to learn what that could be.

With E3 little under a month away, it’s likely one or both of the titles will make an appearance – the big question now is, however, will this new title debut at Microsoft or Sony’s conference? Either way, exciting times.

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