Xbox Boss Spencer has once again take to Twitter to talk on all things related to Xbox One. The Xbox One user interface is no doubt clunky and slow and the team is still working on it. Spencer assured that it’s on their list of things to do. “Speeding up the UI is high on our list of improvements we want to make,” he said on Twitter. He also revealed that DirectX 12 could actually help speeding up the user interface and he would like to see it rendered in 4K resolution.

He also stated that they would require more time before they talk about the Phantom Dust Reboot. The studio changehas apparently hit the game’s development. “Studio change for PD slowed us down. Want to make sure we do it right, will take more time sorry to say,” he clarified.

Spencer also stated that he expects smaller studios to make games for Xbox One using DX12. “Bringing DX12 and XBL to both Win10 and Xbox One helps studios who want to develop for Xbox and PC so yes,” he answered a fan’s question. And what about a achievement sorting feature for the Xbox One? Spencer believes that it’s a good suggestion and asked the user to post it on

He also commented on getting more games to support cross platform play on Xbox One. “Cross-play is turning out to be a feature a lot of studios want to implement, especially for co-op.”

And finally players who think Spencer is the reason why the Xbox One is awesome, Phil’s reply is rather humble. “I didn’t do anything. Creators make great games, gamers play games, give us feedback, team continues to improve the platform.”

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