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[Spoilers] Guide How to Save Kate – Life is Strange Episode 2 Out of Time

This article will contain massive spoilers for Life is strange Episode 2 – Out of Time.

For the first time in the series players are presented with a massive choice which will impact every episode hereafter in your playthrough. Kate jumps from the top of the University Dorms at the end of Episode 2 but this can be avoided if you follow these steps:

Note these steps are based on you stepping up to David earlier in the episode.

Choice 1 – B – You matter not just to me

Choice 2 – X – Your My friend

Choice 3 – B – You were drugged

Choice 4 – X – Your Sisters

Check out the video playthrough below.

Scott Ferguson

Owner and Editor of Pixelgameruk.com


  1. AnimeLoverDan - April 6, 2015 at 11:00 pm -

    Actually I found out how to save Kate in other options.

    First choice is correct in the article.
    I didn’t answer her phone call. So my second choice was different so it made more difficult. Ignore that.
    Third choice: i told her not to call the police earlier, so in this scene, I told her that we can end bullying
    Fourth choice: sisters
    Fifth choice: if you’re a bible fanatic (not me), choose Matthew blah blah blah.

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