The Spotify app will arrive on your PS4 today. The app was delivered via last weeks software update and should go live some time after 10am UK time. Previous reports had this speculated for release in May.

The Spotify app will replace the previous Music Unlimited service and gains “gaming Exclusivity” on the PS4.


Speaking to Eurogamer’s Oli Welsh Murray Pannell of Spotify UK had the following to say on the matter.

“PlayStation have gaming exclusivity,” Murray Pannell, UK marketing director for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, confirmed to Eurogamer at a preview of the app last week. And how long does the exclusivity period last? “That’s to be decided exactly,” he confessed, “but certainly for the foreseeable.”

“I guess there’s a long-term strategic play here, which is that for a long time, a lot of developments in the industry prioritised personal listening of music – starting from the Sony Walkman, right?” he said. “We noticed a few years ago that we were investing a lot of time in creating a very personal experience; people were spending a lot of time with their headphones in, but they maybe weren’t finding it as easy to play music at home any more.

“So we’ve been on a mission for a couple of years now, which includes the development of Connect, to try and create effectively the ultimate home listening experience for the streaming listener. This is really a big leap in that evolution. [PlayStation has] huge scale, a really powerful device, and an audience that’s a really close fit for the Spotify audience.”


The PS4 version of the app is integrated with the console at system level, enabling it to play music in the background of any gameplay, under dialogue and sound effects. (All games should be compatible with this feature, though some may require changing menu settings first. The PS3 app does not support it.) One of Spotify’s most popular features is the ability to create and share playlists with friends and the wider Spotify community, and this seems like an especially good fit with the app’s background play feature – enabling the gaming community to curate its own custom soundtracks for particular games and genres.