Update – Spotify is available now on your PS4. The update was a stealth release with last weeks firmware update and Ps4 owners should see the option from 10am this morning across most of Sony’s Markets.

Streaming service Spotify will land on Playstation 4 on May 30th according to a tweet from Playstation France

Translated the tweet goes as follows:

‘Playstation Music Service, in partnership with Spotify, will be available on the 30th of May’

That may been a bit longer than you had initially hoped and this doesn’t confirm a release date for the US either. US PlayStation owners can expect to see an official announcement on the US Playstation Blog with full details.

Spotify will be replacing the Sony owner music unlimited service and will allow Spotify subscribers the opportunity to listen to their favourite music playlists whilst gaming. Spotify is the largest music streaming service in Europe and signals a huge step by Sony to back the Playstation 4 with ever popular features.