For those that have charted the path of capybara games latest title Super time force from the early days of 2011 will be pleased to know it will launch on May 14th this year.

It’s the first major ID@Xbox title to launch on the console post Strike suit Zero and it has a very unique gameplay mechanic. You can slow down time and every time you die your character still par takes in your next life. Confused??


Ok so say you jump to a platform to get that secret bit of loot or power up which is of route to completing the level. If you die on the way back rather than attempting to gather the loot again your previous ghost gameplay will get it for you. This unique but of gameplay is the secret to Super Time Force. Over time each death will award you with extra firepower and additional strategies for taking down your enemies.


Visually this game has a very retro and Pixel theme to it, the gameplay as you can see from the clip below is frantic and really looks to be a great game to play with your mates on local co-op! Super Time force and it’s retro style are set to launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on May 14th.