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ID@Xbox announce a wave of new titles

ID@Xbox announce a wave of new titles

ID@Xbox have announced a wave of new titles which will be coming to Xbox One in the near and distant future. The titles are a showcase of the platforms continued strength to entice some of the most creative minds in the developer industry to design build and deliver their title on the Xbox platform. A…

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Crimsonland {Review} – PS4, PSVita, Steam

Crimsonland is the latest creation from 10ton games. This top down shooter is a alien killing frenzy! You would be forgiven for thinking Crimsonland was attempting to be a Dead Nation replica. At first glance it feels very familiar. You control a character who is tasked with wiping out waves of aliens, lizards and more….

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Are Playstation too in Love with Indies?

So are Playstation too in love with Indies? Well yes in short they most definitely are. They have courted the indie community incredibly we’ll and stolen a huge march on Microsoft. It does beg the question though of why are Sony so obsessed right now with Indie developers? The cynic in me believes this to…

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