Episode 2 in nearly all Telltale Games episodic adventures have turned out to be mere fillers or scene setters for better things ahead. Borderlands Episode 2 continues to buck that trend and after delivering a fantastic episode 1 delivers the next instalment in a triumphant way.

Atlas Mugged will not take up a lot of your gaming time coming in at just under 1 and a half hours of playtime to see you through the episode. This doesn’t mean its a disappointment it just means we get better pace setting and no needless filler activities to stretch out its length. Telltales grasp of the Borderlands humour is clearly evident and proves they were not a one trick pony from the hilarious jokes cracked in episode 1.


Delivering memorable moments is Telltale’s strength and I found that Episode 2 delivered several all in this one episode. These events were aided by the introduction of Handsome Jack  who plays the devil in the ear role with lead character Rhys. The funny one liners are born out of many of the choices Handsome Jack will help you make. The addition of other liners from the loader bot such as “come with me if you want to live” are satirical and well served.

Much of Borderlands Atlas Mugged episode is based around character fleshing but retains the direction setabout in Episode 1 Zero Sum with flashbacks and character swapping splitting urhysvaultkey1920x1080jpg-57ab0bp the episode and allowing a nice constant player tempo to keep players interested. Playing this game may become debatable however as there still appears to be little to no relevance to your choices and control difficulty is non existent meaning you are almost guaranteed progression with the odd direction press and button bash. Hopefully this will see innovation in later episodes to get the player doing more to explore the world of Pandora that bit more.

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There are short sequences however where players have to explore and interact with objects but these are fairly straight forward and wont slow you down. Sections in the safe house and nearer the end of the episode will have you flicking buttons and removing coverings which keep you active but don’t really offer much in the way of gameplay experience. Despite reviewing on PS4 there is still some noticeable little dips in frame rates but nothing that would deter you from playing through and coming out with a beaming grin. Hopefully this engine will be got shot of in future IP’s as it clearly holds back in some areas on PC and current gen consoles.


However those shortcomings are negated with the power of the story Telltale deliver. The voice acting and well structured dialogue continue to provide new and exciting take on the Borderlands Universe. In fact this episode ends on one of the best player choices in recent Telltale memory. Maybe episode 3 will be the slow burner because this one most certainly was not.



Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 2: Atlas Mugged Review
Our Score 8.4
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Telltales Second instalment in the Tales from the Borderlands Universe is fantastic and picks up where the first one left of and delivers humour action and cliffhangers to boot. A triumph and a must play