I’ve always enjoyed exploring the relationship between spirits and the world – when I write stories, spirits are an essential element of them. Vistrahda, the setting of Ever Oasis, is a desert world, so you might wonder why we chose to make Esna a water spirit.

It’s precisely because Vistrahda is a desert world, in which water is a precious resource, that we made that choice. Also, compared to a small, faint light fairy, a water spirit has a more visible presence (even if only the hero can see her…)

Esna supports the hero and shares their outlook, their joys and their troubles – she’s like a second protagonist. She’s a partner who helps build up the oasis, celebrates the hero’s accomplishments as if they were her own, and provides praise and encouragement.

We were very committed to making Esna a sympathetic character. As players progress through the story, we want them to wonder, “What’s she thinking? What will she say next?” With this in mind, we revised Esna’s lines right up until the very end of development. I hope she’ll be a good partner not just for the hero, but for the player too!

The mysterious visitors, Noots

Noots are strange visitors who never settle permanently in the oasis. They’re sort of like the mascots of Ever Oasis – they come to the oasis to buy various goods from Bloom Booths and then go on their way.

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