Sony have certainly showed they are fast out the block when it comes to selling Playstation 4 hardware but when it comes to software they ain’t so quick. 

Software version 2.50 is expected to land soon but we thought we would put together a list of our top 5 features we want to see in future software updates to the Playstation 4

1- External Hard Drive Support

Put it simply the stock 500GB is simply not enough for a gaming platform that is ushering in the digital age. As more consumers opt to buy digital downloads Sony need to allow for external hard drive support a feature already employed on the Xbox One.

2 – Trophy Progression

It’s great knowing how rare trophies are but how about showing us how close we are to unlocking them? Please trophy glitch paranoia isn’t nice 

3 – offline / Online status 

A quick toggle for this one would be nice it’s possible presently but not easy to access. In addition let us see when others appear online as a notification. 

4 – Custom backgrounds

Let’s have the ability to put our screenshots to work or better yet be able to upload our own images for use as a wallpaper. It’s not much but a little personalisation other than the downloadable themes would be greatly appreciated.

5 – Ability to add messages to what’s New

What’s New is a great feature but could we have the ability to post custom messages to help round up our mates for GTA Heists? The ability to like activities is great but also let us comment on theme please. 

So there’s our current top 5 wants for the PS4. let us know what your top requested features are in the comments below.