Fancy Shooting stuff? Fancy shooting alot of randomly generated stuff? Throw in a bit of permadeath and mash it with graphics akin to Borderlands and let us introduce to you Tower of Guns. Or should we say Tower of Fun? Check out our review below to find out more.

Tower Of Guns is a non-stop action first person shooter made by GRIP Digital s.r.o. and Terrible Posture Games LLC, The beginning of each new game is randomly generated and will never be the same as the last. This game is good for a break and brushing up on your first person shooter skills, The game features perma death so each time you die you will be put back to the start of the game although you will have better perks and weapons from your unlocks in your last playthrough to make things slightly easier for you.
During gameplay you will constantly be trying to avoid enemy fire and attacks which will involve some jumping around and strafing from side to side. The game can be very fast if you want to speed run through each level although you will probably take your time so you can find the secret hidden areas found throughout each area of the game, which if you’re lucky enough will contain upgrades and perks, When you reach the next area of the game will have a progress screen that will let you see how many of these hidden areas you found on that particular level, even more goodies unlock as you continue your playthrough including finding coins which allow you to open loot chests of a sort that will contain different perks and goodies inside. The one I found using most often is the health increase which is vital once you get further through the game, You will also get collectibles from killing enemies these include currency, XP, Health and perks so theres plenty here to pick from and helps tailor your approach to the game.


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The powerups you will find throughout the game will increase things like your speed, health and the amount of jumps you can do. You will also find some not so helpful collectibles that make your jump height lower and increase the games difficulty. I found this funny sometimes as I was getting close to the end of the game and id pick these up without thinking and suddenly I would die after coming so close. When I started playing for the first time I felt there was a lack of direction as to what to do next, You have to sort of work out for yourself that to open a door to a new area you must shoot it, I cannot be the only person out there who found this annoying to begin with.

There are three main game modes, normal, dice role and endless. Normal mode is what it says on the tin, normal will see you progress through the game without too many strange occurrences, dice role makes things a little more interesting by giving you a perk that could be good or bad in each area hence the name dice role, Endless will keep going until you say stop or you get beat however this mode is ranked some you can show off on the leaderboard to your friends giving this game a nice competitive element.

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The story within the game is different each time and for the most part pretty silly and lighthearted as each new area you go into you will get a little dialogue taunting you or saying something stupid. I think for the most part this game should be played for gaming content and the challenge element and not so much heavily story driven. Saying that though the dialogue within the game can be pretty funny if you read some of it and is worth the time to just give you a break from playing.

I have to say I found the audio in this game monotonous, The same songs play over and over again with the dullest of noises coming for bashing into walls or landing after a jump, They could have put a lot more variety into the audio to keep your ears entertained. Although I kept the sound on because it makes it easier to tell if certain types of enemies are near by. One good point about the audio however is that it changes depending on location so in some of the darker more mysterious areas of the game the music was a little more creepy and reflected the location well.

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ENEMIES! There are quite a variety of different enemies from floating circular saws that will chase you down until you destroy them to fixed gun turrets some of which will fire large projectile spike covered cannon balls. The bosses can be a challenge sometimes although for the most part they are pretty simple keep strafing, keep shooting and you will get it done types. With some requiring additional thinking whereby you need to destroy something connected to it to allow you to damage its heart so to speak.
There are other ways you can take damage in the game these include damaging yourself with explosive rounds or jumping from a height sufficient to damage you. There is also some damage from your surroundings such as lava and in some instances giant rotating spike wheels attached to the walls.

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I found the graphics in the game somewhat reminiscent of Borderlands with a sort of comic book feel to the explosions. The weapons were strikingly similar to that found in Borderlands too although for the most part the game felt pretty unique, One thing is for sure the storyline is wacky but in a good way and it will be different every time you play the game as it is procedurally generated and will be different on each turn especially if you pick up perks and abilities as they will have a major impact on how you play and complete the game. Tower of guns will definitely provide you with your moneys worth if you want something that will offer plenty replay ability. The rogue like procedural worlds and heaps of weapons to choose from will see you wanting to find new ways to play, hunt down those secret areas or compete with your friends on the leaderboards which are both global and local optimised.

Tower of Guns Review
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This game has a good go at making itself addictable and fun to play, There are some mild issues for me that could be easily rectified I would recommend this game to people who want a bit of fun on their breaks or just need something a bit light-hearted and challenging to do in their spare time, I feel this game is fresh, fun and sometimes frustrating play but if you have time give it a go!
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