Ubisoft have come in for quite alot of criticism in recent times for allegedly downgrading their titles graphically from reveal to release. Just last week Ubisoft revealed further gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege and the same thing appears to be happening with this game. 

In this article we will share with you three titles that we believe have had this treatment showcasing each games gameplay reveal vs its release (or almost released gameplay) for comparison.

Firstly Rainbow Six Siege:

Just last week Ubisoft revealed more gameplay of their upcoming title rainbow Six Siege and it appears to have angered many gamers with visuals on the latest videos being released showing that the game has taken a  big graphical dip.

Initial E3 gameplay reveal

It is unfortunately incredibly clear that the graphics look a shadow of the initial reveal by ubisoft from lighting to menu systems and weapon detail. The second video is from the games Closed Beta gameplay and is running on PC. Yes its a Beta and we shouldn’t get too worried however considering the initial reveal was an Alpha we have every right to feel we are getting an in superior product to what was originally pitched in the graphics department certainly.

Watch Dogs

Probably the most infamous of all the downgrades to date Watch Dogs was a new IP and released across several platforms so visual fidelity took a severe hit however the same marketing tactic was employed here by Ubisoft from their reveal to release.

The video below by Strims illustrates this point with even the PC version running on Ultra not able to reproduce the gameplay footage showcased at the E3 2012 reveal. This only got worse as the game went to consoles with lighting car modelling and weather all getting a downgrade. Dont take anything away though as this was still a great game in the gameplay department.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

The third title in our sites is Ubisofts next gen only release of Assassin’s Creed Unity. This game has had its fair share of performance issues post release and was hyped by Ubisoft as its most accomplished release in the series. However Even with this title there are subtle things missing or removed from the final versions of the game.

E3 reveal Trailer

Now to be gair AC Unity is not the biggest victim of this downgrade however it is clear that in the final release things like crowd chair throwing and interactions did not deliver in the full release and in many areas the game wasn’t even ready for release with popping, frame rate issues etc again none of these issues seen on the E3 reveal trailer. The closest by reveal so far but again Ubisoft could have done more here.


The Division

very little has been scene of upcoming Ubisoft title The Division and rumours are already circulating that this title has already received a graphical downgrade from its E3 2014 gameplay reveal last year. Ubisoft have been swift in their response of this and promised it wont be downgraded and footage that leaked was closed alpha gameplay and has been improved on hugley in more recent builds. I suppose E3 this year should be interesting then.


With all the games above there is really only one way you can vote against this practice and that is with your wallet. However we must make clear that there are reasons that developers do this. One such reason is that E3 is a showcase to the Investors as much as the gamer. Developers and publishers need to show their game to be the best looking title to stock on retailers shelf for that winter sales rush on the leadup to Christmas. Secondly these reveals are never running on the actual console and tend to always be on high end PC’s that none of us could ever afford so they will most likely look a bit better than what we will get.

The practice of this miss advertising should be halted or at the least made clear to the gamer. such practices have probably damaged games massively despite the gameplay and other elements being fantastic Watch Dogs is a great example of this. The slow release and negative news stories only highlighted the lack of transparency from developers and this needs to change to gain trust back in gamers.