Another Twin Stick shooter has arrived on current generation consoles but will this effort by Vertex Pop tear us away from others like Super StarDust, Resogun and Geometry Wars?Twin Stick shooter fans have been spoiled so far this year with arguably three of the best twin stick shooters of all time arriving on our new consoles. So this is no easy task for Vertex Pop to provide a game that will capture our hearts and minds as well as our precious time. 

We are doomed is a top down arena shooter where you zap polygons of the evil kind with your laser beam. Theres no story and the game offers two modes to keep things simple. Waves and Endless are the two options you will have. In waves you complete waves and face of against a range of different enemies and naturally the more waves you complete the harder the challenge gets. You will unlock checkpoints as you progress and this helps add the replayability factor of the game.


As Well as defeating the range of baddies that lie in your way you must also collect trinkets which are small blue boxes that pop up on the map both randomly and upon killing enemies. These trinkets act as a charger for your super beam which is super indeed. In fact once you decide to deploy your super beam against your neon coloured enemies collecting these as you fire will maintain your super beam for a few more seconds. Its a create idea and one that sees you holding back until your really feeling swamped before unleashing the superbeam in order to get the most kills as well as trying to maintain it.

you will inevitably hear yourself saying “just one more go”

Collecting trinkets and killing enemies not only allows you to complete waves but increase your overall score which accumulates in the top left of the screen. Theres not much in the way of hitmarkers upon killing enemies to showcase how many points you’ve gained or how your multiplyer really rises but theres so much colourful goodness going on within that screen that I didn’t find myself being driven by the score at all. The scores pop out but they are not always clear and with the colours going on almost create a distraction.  However as with most twin stick shooters in time I’m sure high scores will garner real focus and to help players who like to get one over their mates then theres a diverse enough leaderboard system in place to help you achieve this. The leaderboard covers both local and global scores so theres enough here to keep the score bashers happy here.


The second game mode is “endless” and as it says on the tin offers no waves but an endless onslaught of neon polygon like enemies to shoot at with your laser beam. You start out with the same four lives like you do in Waves and its up to you to survive long enough to grab a high score and make it to what is called zones. Im still not clear on what the real difference here is between zones and waves but ill overlook that one for now. What is obvious though is that this game mode is much faster in pace and where waves is almost therapeutic as twin stick shooters go in the early waves, endless mode goes straight for the juggernaut and I love it!

To help you love it even more theres no real load screens and everything is snappy in response which means quick restarts and you will inevitably hear yourself saying “just one more go” then before you know it its not been 10 minutes its been several hours. A hallmark of a great game.

What’s immediately striking about We are doomed is its very unique art style. Its incredibly colourful and isometric shapes offer up a really unique visual pallet for twin stick shooter fans. In the main it really works and can feel really calming and peaceful with the gameplay feeling smooth and controls very tight. What I have to point out however is that all this colour can be a bit hurtful on the eyes when the going gets a bit wild and I often found myself dying via collisions that I simply couldn’t see. Its perhaps something Vertex Pop might address in a later update if not for me but for those with a form of visual impairment as its a shame this game would be out of their reach in terms of enjoyment.


Theres a nice boppy tune to accompany your gameplay and enemies all have unique looks and behaviours which have you on your tactical toes. What I liked in particular was that although some waves are the same upon replaying others have enemies spawning in different positions of the arena so it keeps things fresh and offers new waves and opportunities to complete a wave. Despite there being only two game modes I enjoyed my time with We are Doomed and its certainly an addictive little gem of a shooter however I worry its lack of modes and co-op, multiplayer functionality may limit its appeal against other titles in this genre.

Vertex Pop have delivered a solid entry with this IP and show all the hallmarks of a great title however I feel it needs a few more modes and slight tweaks and additions to weapons variety to count itself amongst the big boys of this genre.

This title was reviewed on Xbox One and was provided by Vertex Pop.

We Are Doomed – Review
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A great Twin Stick shooter and if your new to this genre its a great title to start you of. Grab it love it, hate it and instantly become addicted to it.

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