Hi Folks you may have seen that we have been making some changes to our look and feel. Have a look below and check out our new twitter page. You will also spot our new Twitter logo.

New and Ffresh

New and Ffresh

Firstly welcome to our new Twitter page. Recently Twitter revamped the look and feel of their homepage and that provided the perfect opportunity to do the same to our twitter account and our blog. Youtube Updates will commence soon. Now by this point you will also notice we have updated the look of our blog as well.

Apart from the look and feel we have also made some changes behind the scenes. We have secured the writes to the following domains www.pixelgameruk.com and www.pixelgameruk.co.uk both of which will be utilised in the near future. Let us know in the comments below of what changes you would like to see.

If you want to be involved with PixelGameruk.com send us a DM on twitter or sound of in the comments below. We would love to have support from people will skills in webdesign, video production and photoshop mastery.

Plus let us know your thoughts about our new design in the poll below: