It won’t be long until we find out what’s next for Preview members on the Xbox One so we thought we would put together a list of the things we would like to see (Secretly we demand) in the next firmware update.

We have listed our top 15 features we want to see introduced to the Xbox One via the preview program. Have a look and leave us some comments below for any additional features you believe should be on the list..


Ofcourse you can add your voice to these demands by heading to xbox uservoice to vote for these features.

1 – Allow me to save my media files locally – Presently your screenshots and game DVR clips are all stored online and requires you to download them to then share them.

2 – Full Offline support – Currently you cant earn achievements when offline. This is bonkers and requires fixing.

3 – Redesigned UI – its still too Kinect focused, we want a better streamlined UI which runs faster for all operations. Sticky Pins would also be nice.

4 – SharePlay for Xbox One – Bring the same feature seen on PS4 to allow Xbox One gamers to share play games online.

5 – Background Audio – allow the use of a music player in the background rather than snapped so we can create our own playlists and use apps like Spotify and Pandora.

6 – Achievements Evolved – Introduce something special for gamers who achieve 100% achievements in a game. A Platinum Xbox Trophy if you will.

7 – Games store redesign – Make easier to find content by game from the home screen of the store. Add on’s are poorly laid out presently.

8 – ID@Xbox section – A separate area of the dashboard or store dedicated to ID@Xbox showing upcoming titles, tips, reviews, game play features etc.

9 – Introduce Friend Groups – A feature to allow specific groups and allocate our friends to them, great for communities and game nights.

10 – Profile Image – allow the use of external images for our profile pictures.

11 – Integrate more social media – Find friends via Facebook and Twitter

12 – Game DVR – make recording game clips easier rather than loading a menu to start a 5 min recording a controller short cut to initiate a recording.

13 – Download Management – The ability to view download speeds, select multiple downloads and the option to queue manage

14 – Smartglass enhancements – Allow us to manage our downloads via the smartglass app, Utilise a Snap to Smartglass option.

15 – The ability to Gift Purchases – Similar to how stream implemented it a feature during checkout to gift a digital purchase to someone on your friends list.