Xbox.com gets new features to Home page

It looks like the worker bees are busy over at Microsoft as they look to implement more Xbox Windows 10 App features into the Xbox.com Homepage players see when they log into their account.

The Xbox.com homepage has had an added feature showing recent games progress when you log in to the site. As you can see from the picture below. The option still remains to return to the old version if this isnt your cup of tea.



The games are listed by most recent played at the top and offers a quick glance to get you motivated to jump back in to these titles and grab some of those missing achievements. Our last game was Tower of Guns which released today on Xbox One and you can check out Adams full review here.

In additon it looks like Popular with friends has also been given a lick of pain and the new screen looks as follows.


Scott Ferguson

Owner and Editor of Pixelgameruk.com

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