At an event in Japan Microsoft is doing its utmost to ensure their launch messaging lands in Sony’s backyard. At a briefing event a Microsoft spokesperson explained that the Xbox One has around 8 times the computational power of an Xbox 360 and the Cloud has around 3x the computational power of the Xbox One.


The spokesperson went on to point out with the illustrations shown below how the cloud can support and bolster such power.


The computational ability can have drastic effects on games and only a couple have touched on the Clouds capability. Forza 5 and TItanfall are the only real shoutout a so far both supporting AI on the battlefield or turn10 studios drivatar concept.

It’s a great shout on Microsofts part and one they really need. However it must be made clear this is computational power and not graphical fidelity and all the clouds in the world may not help in the Beauty bracket.

Perhaps this is a sneak glimpse into where Microsoft is heading with their E3 conference this year. I for one would like to see clear demonstrations of such a concepts strength in the next batch of games for this race becomes one sided.