Microsoft have released an update to the Xbox One Preview members allowing the sharing of screenshots to a users OneDrive account.

The update is very much welcomed as this will enable users to easily access their original captures via PC. Up until now users could only share via Twitter which presented a weblink to an Xbox account page.

Full update notes below:

OS version released: xb_rel_1503.150220-2200

Available: 6:00PM PT 2/23 (2AM GMT 2/24) 


  • Sharing Screenshots to OneDrive. You can now share screenshots direct to OneDrive from the Share menu in the Upload app.
  • Enhanced Icons in the Party chat app. We’ve added new icons to the Party Chat app enhance the experience. Check back later for Quests that show you what’s new!      


  • Apps and games not launching upon waking a console from standby (Instant-on mode). A change is in this update that addresses an issue reported by users where apps and games would not launch when waking from standby (when in Instant-on mode).
  • Display Resolution Reset. A fix for an issue reported by a small amount of users where consoles reset to a low display resolution (640 x 480) waking from standby.

Image and patch notes source: