At around £20 this little gadget may be the decision maker in whether or not you purchase a new headset for your shiny Xbox One. Having looked around the market you will find such an investment may rang from £50 -£130 based on RRP. A pricey one especially if you own both next gen consoles.

For those that follow me on twitter you will know I recently became the owner of Sonys latest Gold Wireless headset. It’s a great bit of kit in itself working nicely with both my PS4, PS3 and PSVIta. Pic below for those not in the know.


So if you are an owner of both the Xbox One and PS4 well firstly congrats and secondly if you haven’t purchased a headset for either yet or own just the gold wireless headset for PS4 you’ll be pleased to hear the following.

The Xbox One headset adapter is compatible with the Sony Gold Wireless Headset!!!

Yep bet the boffins at their respective HQ’s didn’t anticipate that one. So what does it mean in terms of compatible. Well having play tested this I can confirm that the Sony gold wireless headset plugged into an Xbox One adapter will allow for Stereo sound, Game Chat and everything else you would get from an official Xbox Headset. Plug your Sony headset in with the cable provided in either box turn it to mode 1 and enjoy!

So with that information in hand don’t go wasting money on two headsets to cover you on both consoles. However if you have already done so accept my apologies for not enlightening you sooner.